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Comfort and Performance – Durun SUV Tires

Durun tyres represent the pinnacle of excellence both in terms of tyre performance and road holding. Ideal for your unique Sport Utility Vehicle needs.

K324 – Big curve block design with a wide footprint area insures stability of handling on all terrain and improves on grip ability and also load capacity. It boost a high strength tread and material of carcass to enhance wear resistance and mileage.

TERRAIN GRABBER M/T – Wide pattern and deeper groves design ensures tires with good grip though falling in mud. Pattern design that extend to middle sidewall is in favour of low-speed spoil disposal or high-speed throwing of mud. It boost a thicker MT sidewall that improves anti-puncture performance.

K323 – Pattern is designed for all terrain and especially designed for wear and tear resistance. Its features has four deep grooves to insure advanced slip resistance and improve drainage on wet conditions. High-strength belt that provides improved shock resistance.

PICK-UP TRUCK – ALL TERRAIN TIRE K323 – 245/75R15C Php 4,880 • 245/70R16C Php 6,375 SUV/LIGHT TRUCK – ALL TERRAIN TIRE K324 – LT215/75R15 Php 5,491 • LT235/75R15 Php 5,610 • LT235/70R16 Php 5,600 • LT245/75R16 Php 6,642 • 235/65R17 Php 6,421 SUV MUD-TERRAIN TIRE M/T – 275/60R20 Php 16,200 • LT285/55R20 Php 16,500 • LT305/55R20 Php 17,000 • LT325/60R20 Php 19,300

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