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70 Years of Porsche

Porsche Philippines celebrated its 70-year anniversary at the Powerplant Mall, Rockwell in Makati City last June 17, 2018! Coinciding with Father’s Day celebrations, Porsche let out a magnificent display, showcasing both its classic cars and new premium models. The display exhibited the iconic brand’s rich heritage and long history of pioneering with its passionate and sporty spirit through the years. As an anniversary treat, everyone was also invited to participate in a trivia game about Porsche.

In the past 70 years, the Porsche brand has been synonymous with the highest level of sports car construction.

The first vehicle bearing its iconic name was registered on June 8, 1948 – the 356 “No.1” Roadster, whose registration marked the day that Porsche as a brand was born, turning Ferry Porsche’s dream of sports cars into a dashing reality. Though the history of the Porsche brand begins in 1948, the foundation of the sports car manufacturer was built upon the life’s work of Professor Ferdinand Porsche – work which his son, Ferry, then continued.

Ferdinand Porsche had already designed pioneering innovations for the automotive industry as early as the start of the last century. In 1900, he built an electric car with a wheel hub drive known as the Lohner-Porsche. It was a vehicle on which he would then base the world’s first all-wheel-drive passenger car. In the same year, he also created a template for hybrid vehicles with the development of a mixed petrol-electric powertrain. He founded his own engineering office in 1931, and showcased the “Berlin-Rome Car” in 1939. This was the beginning of his idea for a sports car bearing the Porsche name, although this dream was only realised by his son Ferry in 1948 with the Type 356.

The successor model to the 356, the Porsche 911, was designed by Ferry Porsche’s son, Ferdinand Alexander. It finally gave the company its breakthrough as one of the leading manufacturers of sports cars in the world, both from a technical and a design perspective. The Porsche 911, presented to the global public for the first time in 1963, has now been built over a million times.

Bearing 70 years of sports car experience, Porsche continues to be the leader in automotive technology and motor sports. As it enters a new era of passion and excellence in innovation, Porsche invites everyone to “Sportscar Together” with them!