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Car Accesories

Mirror Finish – Meguiar’s Professional Deep Crystal Coat (M18802)

Meguiar’s Deep Crystal Coat forms a layer of protection over the car paint that bond with the paint to create outstanding durability even when faced with extreme environmental conditions such as acid rain, intense sunlight, heavy rain and frequent car washing. It relentlessly pushes water off the paint surface to minimize standing water and reduce any chance of water damage. ...

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Amongst the finest brake products available in the world today. Designed by world leading engineers in 1996, With an outstanding reputation for quality, reliability & performance. It’s a market leader in brakes across the world: In USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, UAE and many other countries. All JBT brake products undergo stringent quality and performance testing, bringing ...

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Comfort and Performance – Durun SUV Tires

Durun tyres represent the pinnacle of excellence both in terms of tyre performance and road holding. Ideal for your unique Sport Utility Vehicle needs. K324 – Big curve block design with a wide footprint area insures stability of handling on all terrain and improves on grip ability and also load capacity. It boost a high strength tread and material of ...

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