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Mirror Finish – Meguiar’s Professional Deep Crystal Coat (M18802)

Meguiar’s Deep Crystal Coat forms a layer of protection over the car paint that bond with the paint to create outstanding durability even when faced with extreme environmental conditions such as acid rain, intense sunlight, heavy rain and frequent car washing. It relentlessly pushes water off the paint surface to minimize standing water and reduce any chance of water damage.

It also dramatically increases the water release characteristics of the paint to wipe out acid deposit without damaging the paint underneath.

Deep Crystal Coat is durable up to 400 degrees Celsius and can protect paint from sun damage even under the most intense sunshine. It will not haze when exposed to extreme heat or sunlight. It also increases the paint’s scratch resistance by up to 25% to eliminate common light washing scratches and acts as a “sacrificial layer” against heavy scratches to protect the paint underneath.

It comes in an easy, one-step application kit with a 71ml aluminum bottle of Meguiar’s Deep Crystal Coat (Part # M18802) with Microfiber suede application towel and Microfiber buffing towel. Give your car finish the long-lasting protection it deserves. It’s worth the investment.

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