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Chevrolet Born Ready Ride and Drive – The Chevrolet Colorado Tracker Pro drive and demo

There’s this thing called the Zombie Apocalypse phenomenon, its all over cable, all over the internet and there are more Zombie related series than you can shake a stick at.

Where am I going with this? Well, have you ever thought about what could be the perfect bug out vehicle? That’s “prepper” speak for a car or truck that you’d use to “get out of Dodge…” or Manila in case of such an event.

A Zombie apocalypse maybe far from happening, but we do have situations that warrant a vehicle of the type. We have tropical storms and typhoons that cause flash floods and landslides, potentially isolating parts of the metro from others for days or even weeks, and its situations that like that may necessitate a bug out vehicle.

What vehicle fits the profile of a “Bugout Vehicle”? well if you think about it, you’d need high ground clearance to get over obstacles on the road or there maybe an absence of road, a tough underchassis, a powerful engine, lots of space for your gear (survival equipment), tall wading depth, you need that to be able to negotiate flash flooded areas and the list goes on.

Chevrolet Philppines showed us that they have that very vehicle. The Chevy Colorado Tracker Pro.

It looks just like a Colorado pickup, it is, but Chevrolet has done a few things to it to make it “apocalypse” ready: Suspension has been lifted 2”, best in class 800mm water wading capability, installed a snorkel, new 17” gunmetal grey wheels with all-terrain tires, aluminum skid plate, 6,000lb tow hitch with electrical receiver and a 12,000lb power winch with recovery equipment package which with the right training makes this Colorado Tracker Pro a seriously capable vehicle.

Other standard equipment are the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and the integrated into the rear view camera is a Dash Camera with 32GB memory card which continuously records what’s out in front of the driver while the vehicle is in operation. You can choose between manual and automatic transmission.

When the Colorado Tracker Pro was introduced to us, we got to try out its 4×2 variant “Tracker” and also the 4×4 and 4×2 variants of the Trailblazer. Also capable, the Trailblazers showed that an SUV can be counted on when conditions are not favorable. Equipped with the same 2nd Generation Duramax that puts out 200Hp and 500Nm of torque (same goes for the 4×2 variants). The course laid out in the hills of Antipolo demonstrated the capabilities of the Tracker Pro, it made short work of deep ruts, slippery muddy inclines and also showed us how the winch can be used.

Its priced at:


2.8 Liter 6-Speed 4×4 MT Tracker Edition PhP 1,468,888.00
2.8 Liter 6-Speed 4×4 AT Tracker Edition PhP 1,538,888.00


2.8 Liter 6-Speed 4×4 MT Tracker Pro PhP 1,528,888.00
2.8 Liter 6-Speed 4×4 AT Tracker Pro PhP 1,598,888.00

The Colorado Tracker Pro is now a proper offroader, equipped with everything you need and more if you stray off the beaten path, or if you live in Cainta or Marikina during the wet season and other areas in between and just in case a Zombie Apocalypse ever happens, you can be ready for it!


Words and photos by Neil Pagulayan