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2014 Toyota Yaris 1.5G – No Frills, Just Thrills

Once seen as the first rung in the ladder of automotive ownership, today’s small cars are jam-packed with features and technologies which can frankly turn some people off. For the Average Juan, having to navigate through all these functions while trying to drive in Manila can be daunting. What if you just want a no-frills everyday commuter that’s still safe ...

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2014 Honda Jazz VX+ Mugen – The Badass One

THIS HAS PROBABLY been one of the best looking little cars I’ve driven in a while, not to mention in one of the coolest “stock” colors I’ve seen on a car in a quite a long time. The Honda Jazz is one of the automotive industry’s anomalies, small outside, just like Dr. Who’s Tardis but surprisingly spacious inside. This being ...

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2014 BYD L3 GLi 1.5 DCT – Dreaming Big

IF YOU’RE DREAMING BIG and you’d like to have a car that’s luxurious, roomy, comfortable but economical, and equipped with push-button start/stop, a sunroof and leather seats, chances are that you might end up buying a used mid-size luxury sedan and disregard its fuel economy just to get the luxury, room, and comfort that you’re after. Or you might end ...

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