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Company Car Maintenance — The Key to Improving Business Productivity

There’s no denying that today's business scene is fiercely competitive. Therefore, it is imperative for every business organization to be as strategically creative as possible in delivering services to its end-users.

One of the critical variables behind competitive operations is productivity. With a high-level of productivity, enterprises do not only cement a solid reputation in their respective industries, but they get to ensure customer loyalty and increase their ROI as well.

A vital aspect of productivity that businesses should focus on is in delivering unparalleled customer service and support. For this, a company's fleet of vehicles plays a crucial role. Reliable company cars allow businesses to keep various aspects of operations running efficiently and smoothly. At the same time, they present opportunities for premium customer service.

Keeping the Company Fleet Reliable

The running quality of company cars, suffice it to say, is of great importance. Otherwise, the business will fail at establishing consistency with its after-sale customer care, and special services for a specific group of clients such as the elderly with mobility issues and people with disabilities.

To keep company cars in great shape for service, they require topnotch auto services for flawless maintenance work. So, what are the essential maintenance activities that businesses should stay on top of for their fleet?

● Brake services

Brakes and the car suspension system are prone to wear and tear, especially if the unit travels great distances and goes through different kinds of terrain. This is why upkeep is a must in ensuring safe travels at all times.

According to crash statistics reports, faulty brakes, ABS malfunctions, and worn brake pads and discs are responsible for 22 percent of vehicular accidents such as rear-end collisions. So, sign them up for brake services, especially if your business offers shuttle services, delivery services, and regular customer check-ins.

● Tire services

A car will not budge if the tires are flat. Also, any vehicle with worn-out tires is not safe to drive. Crash statistics show that worn-out tires are half the reason for 35 percent of tire-related accidents. Thus, it is of utmost importance to regularly have the tires checked regularly.

Make sure that they have the right air pressure, which is vital for balanced braking and road grip. Also, clean up, and rotation (for every 7,000 miles) need to be conducted for tire services. This is to ensure the even wear of the rubber, and proper alignment — both of which are essential to safe driving.

● Mechanical services

A car's engine requires regular upkeep because it is the heart and soul of the vehicle. Once it fails, the vehicle will be of no use.

In this case, prevention is truly better than cure because engine-related problems are not easy to repair. This can compromise a business's ability to deliver on its mobile services for valuable customers. So be sure to sign up your vehicle fleet for periodic engine checks to avoid inconveniencing your customers and losing business.

Conditioned Vehicles Are Valuable Business Assets

There's no stressing enough how essential it is to keep company vehicles in prime condition, especially if a business is always looking for new ways to keep their employees happy and provide their loyal customers the VIP treatment.

The services that a growing enterprise can provide its customers with the help of its fleet encourage repeat transactions and cultivate trust. Along with this, it offers them the chance to take advantage of new sale opportunities and even bump up prices since loyal customers do not mind paying premium prices for privileges and perks.

Partner with a Reputable Auto Service Company

If your business is all about boosting efficiency and productivity, make sure to find a trustworthy auto service company. Do not just settle for the one that's near your business establishment. Research on the actual quality of services the company delivers — read reviews, testimonials, and find out honest ratings given by industry professionals.

It's worth noting as well that the best auto service companies typically provide prompt roadside assistance should breakdowns occur.

A top auto service as a partner in your operations will give you the peace of mind that, should anything happen to any of the vehicles in your fleet, expert help is always available.