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The New Tesla Model X

Looking for a new car? Then, you might have heard of the new Tesla Model X. What you might not know is the kind of car that this new SUV is. How much space will the car have? Therefore, we would like to present you with some new information about this vehicle. Of course, you will need your car to be insured via car Insurance. You can read honest reviews from Lexham Car Insurance here.

Capacity of the Tesla Model X

Model X provides space for as much as 7 people. There are three different designs that you can choose from: a 5 seater, 6 seater or 7 seater. That means you can fit your entire family in this car. The chairs on the second and third row can be folded down to create a large trunk in which you can put things that need to be transported. There is even a trunk at the front.

Safety of Tesla Model X

The manufacturers and car designers that created the Tesla Model X state that the vehicle has been designed with safety in mind. The vehicle is adjusted with standard active safety functions that provide the driver with a better view of his or her surroundings. The functions include as much as 8 camera’s that show you the entire surrounding of the car. You can see if a biker tries to sneak behind your car while you are parking or if a car is hovering just behind you if you want to switch lanes. 12 sensors that the Tesla Model X is adjusted with will detect nearby objects. The radar on the front even sees through heavy rainfall, dust and the car directly in front of you. By seeing all directions simultaneously, you avoid accidents. The creators of the car even make the bold statement that the chance of driver and passengers getting hurt is lower than in any other vehicle. And they have lowered the risk that the car tumbles.

Parking the Vehicle and Getting Out with Falcon Wings

You finally found a parking spot, even though the spot is more narrow than you would wish. And then it turns out that you cannot get out of the vehicle because you can’t open your doors. The Tesla Model X solves that problem by adjusting the car with Falcon Wings. The doors also offer entry to the backseats on the second and third row while other kinds of doors make that very difficult.

Aerodynamic Design

According to the manufacturers, the Model X is the most aerodynamic SUV in production. It also has the largest windows that are in production at this very moment.

Other Functions

The car has a GPS function with real-time routering on the basis of the traffic situation. The chairs are heated and the driver’s seat can remember a driver’s profile. The electrical mirrors are heated as well. You can start the car via keyless entry. According to the brand itself, the Model X is the fastest and most compact SUV ever. But, of course, it’s up to you to decide if the designers are right.